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In a leaflet the text plays an absolutely crucial role, since this is a kind of pamphlet in which what matters is to present information about a company and arguments to persuade recipients to buy their products and services. It is primarily through the textual content that satisfies a brochure with its main objective: to increase sales. These are the words which employed or not to persuade people about the advantages of a company. Even though the images, shapes, lines and colors are also very important to create a diptych visually attractive and powerful, is no good if a great design so that the reader finds in the text makes no sense or without interest. Faced with a text confusing or vacuum people will leave immediately discarded and reading the pamphlet. Thus, it is essential to find a totality in which a great design meshes well with an excellent text.

This graphic designer must work together with a columnist specializing, as it is the person with the power to create a streamlined text with the necessary information on products, services and principles of a company. It is the columnist who reinforces the corporate identity through the words chosen. He knows exactly what to say and how to ensure that the company is embodied in the language. It's who can develop the verbal message that the organization wants to give. Create a synthetic substance and not very clear to saturate the limited space of wallet and to ensure that the public read the prospectus altogether.

In bifold brochure some of the salient features of a text for a cash wallet will be read and saved:

  • The contents of the booklet should be synthetic, ie a brief while relevant and informative. A long text only bore the readers or even worse, confused.
  • The syntax used should be simple, avoiding overly lengthy sentences with many additional clauses or subordinate. This guarantees a quick reading and a proper understanding.
  • We must employ a vocabulary, ie, capable of being understood by the general public. Excess terminology merely complicated car things: if the reader finds too technical terms probably feel overwhelmed, confused and bored, even if he is a specialist, since in a prospectus expected a reading pleasurable. To include technical information nothing better than presenting paintings, computer graphics and diagrams separated from the core text.
  • It can be used a record (variety of language) formal or informal, depending on the profile of each company and the audience pointing.
  • The text should be designed according to the specific type of target audience enterprise and wallet. The contents of a brochure must be commensurate with the wishes and needs of recipients, so that they feel interpelados and identified with the company. Rather than make detailed descriptions of products and services, it is important to say what can attract public attention and make a firm is in his mind. We must catch the actual and prospective clients, and this is achieved through a text close to readers and to achieve to make them feel comfortable with the institution. In addition the text should provide the arguments that show the reader the advantages of acquiring products and services promoted, that is why you should interact with that company. When a company is targeted at different audiences is a need for different texts appropriate to each.
  • The content has to be verbal, as well as persuasive, interesting and entertaining, that recipients complete the reading.
  • It is important not only include descriptions but explain in detail the advantages of the products and services offered. This is a good idea to incorporate examples and testimonies.
  • The text of a leaflet must interpellate the reader through vocat and calls to action, such as "Call me now", "Buy our products", etc..

Moreover there is the distribution of text in the four panels of a diptych, because each has a role. In front of the panel must catch public attention through a striking phrase, suggestive and clear. Thus recipients will want to open the prospectus and read it, besides saving the phrase in his memory. In the two panels should be circulated internally the core, in separate paragraphs, titles, subtitles, symbols, lines, bullets, boxes and all those elements work together in organizing textual. Some of the topics common to find here are: introduction, the company's mission and values, description of products and services, profits, market presence, testimonials, history of the company, awards, customer list, institutional functioning and FAQs. In the final panel (back) was placed contact information for the public to communicate with the company.

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