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Often the leaflets are used as economic catalogues since their format and may meet resistance to perfection with this role. But what is a catalogue? There is a brochure laying out the products and services company with pictures, descriptions and prices, so that consumers can make purchases easily. A catalogue is extremely useful for both the public-who can consult and make purchases through him-and questions as to the company, which thus has a brochure that shows its entire production. However, since the catalogues have many pages, are expensive pieces, both in design and printing. Moreover, we must renew regularly to update the information contained therein (prices and special offers, new products, schedules, contact details). Taking into account all these factors, leaflets, booklets of four panels, can function as small catalogs, being an excellent option for small and medium enterprises who wish to have these materials at an affordable price.

The leaflets designed as catalogs offer an overview of the mission of a company and its corporate philosophy. It often include photographs for institutional acer car company to the public and show their actual existence. And, basically, a complete list of products and services, with their corresponding descriptions, pricing, special offers, and their images. Thus, actual or potential customers have before them, as in a showcase, all you need to buy. Of course, provides contact information in a clear and obvious.


The leaflets can act as catalogs to perfection, generating all the benefits of a conventional catalogue. In BIFOLD-BROCHURE.COM listed the advantages most notorious of these diptychs-catalogs:

The public has in its hands all products and services company. Faced with their eyes has pictures, descriptions and prices for each item. This will greatly facilitate the purchase.

With these diptychs potential customers can be a quick overview and the type of products and services offered by a company. It's really a great way to appear before the public again.

If these leaflets are designed by professionals and are printed on good quality paper, success is guaranteed: the people kept in their homes and offices to consult and establish business relationships with the company in question.

The leaflets-catalogues are highly effective tools graphics as well as materials are accessible to small and medium-sized budgets.

Design Criteria

The leaflets are designed as catalogues the traditional measures of diptychs: measured as a sheet letter (8.5''x 11''opened, with sides of 5.5''x 8.5''x 4.25''or 11''), or a larger version, as a sheet letter double (11''x 17''opened, with sides of 8.5''x 11''). It is generally respected these sizes, as well as the conventional folded in half, as are the rules that make these pieces practices leaflets for distribution and to the public. We offer some of the keys specific design that takes into account graphics experts to develop Diptychs-catalogues maximum effectiveness:

The front panel plays an essential role. As in any prospectus, should catch the eye of the recipient, because otherwise this will leave you. This is accomplished with a phrase and a striking image as well as related business. The corporate logo must be present.

It is important that the sides maintain internal consistency with graphics to consolidate the external corporate identity in the public mind. Simplicity is key: there is nothing better than to leave enough space for air to give the layout and ease of reading. It is usually include an opening paragraph that presents the company and its philosophy. Then they have the product images (whether photographs or illustrations) along with their descriptions, in a simple but attractive.

For Diptychs-catalogues must have photographs of individual products, as the photos together cause confusion and not allow any element to distinguish clearly. Only in certain cases it is recommended to take photos together, for example, to promote pencils, papers, folders or other elements alone do not have too much presence. It is necessary to remove funds from the images to avoid misleading the public.

To attract the gaze of people on the photographs can appeal to different tricks. In addition to taking photos in full color and avoid funds, is an excellent choice to give plenty of light images. You can also highlight some photos (for example, offers or developments) with delicate shading.

The descriptions and throughout the text in general must be legible, so the choice of fonts is a crucial point. The classical sources are recommended because they have high readability in different sizes (title and text). Times, Arial, Swiss are very good options for the text of the pamphlet read with pleasure.

For these diptychs acting with catalogues last for a long time and resist the use should be printed on paper quality. Ideally performed in cardboard # 80 or # 100, with finishing or brilliant mate. If the card has no end, then it is best to foil. The laminate is a plastic coating that takes place once printed on paper and that, besides providing a great attraction, gives maximum resistance to paper. The laminated, again, can be glossy or matte.

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