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When we talk about diptychs we refer not only to prospectuses of four panels, but also the very popular presentation folders, because, technically speaking also leaves are folded into two parts. On this page you may hear their features and some of the main keys to its design. These kits are really useful to present the artwork of a company in an orderly manner, within trade shows. If you want your company has a reliable and professional image, then do not hesitate to invest in these magnificent folders.

A presentation folder is a marketing tool which consists of a thick sheet of paper and resilient folded into two parts, which takes into his home on a company name and logo. Inside the folder there are one or two pockets in which are stored "inserts", leaflets that spread a company's activities, as well as pamphlets, leaflets themselves, brochures, postcards, stickers and all the printed material that a organization wants to deliver to its audience. Usually a presentation folder tabs that has ensured the preservation of the papers inside. Also at one of the pockets there is a slot to display a personal card with contact information.


Order and make presentation folders for your company! In BIFOLD-BROCHURE.COM briefly listed the most important benefits for which is really convenient for you and his company have these pieces of top quality, especially if you're thinking of organizing an event with its commercial customers:

  1. The kits build a strong image of professionalism corporate audience. People associate the quality of design, printing and equipment with the quality of a company, so if you. dispone de buenas carpetas, su empresa será bien valorada. has good folders, your company will be well appreciated. The audience kept this material, give him credibility and his company will be fixed in the minds of many people.
  2. The presentation folders whose function is to organize and bring together all the printed materials that a company wants to offer his audience: inserts, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, postcards, stickers, business cards, letters, etc.. It avoids confusion, dispersion and loss of miscellaneous items. They are useful both for the company to receivers.
  3. Since materials are made of very tough, folders serve as protection for them in the papers submitted. So, these last longer because they are not damaged either by touch or by environmental factors.
  4. The kits have a very long service life, as they continue serving even if a company suffers various modifications. Precisely for that last infinitely, is not included in a folder rather than the logo and name of the company. In other words, do not put your contact information because it is a substance that often change. So, before the changes, it is only necessary to amend car the inserts, but not modify the kits.
  5. They allow personalize information. Faced with different audiences is possible arming presentation folders with different contents in line with the target audience. Thus, for example, a computer company can offer kits with brochures on technical issues, aimed at specialised public, and also other folders with inserts content easier for average consumers. By being able to reach all people desired, the potential sales increase tremendously.

Design Criteria

In this section we have noted some of the criteria that take into account the professional designers to making a presentation folder. First it is necessary to know the size and format of the basic kit, traditional or "original". This has two caps, each of 9''x 12''and contains two pockets internal 4.25''high forming a V. This model can store folder inserts the size of a sheet letter, ie 8.5''x 11''. Among the variants of this folder include: straight edges, rounded corners, smaller pockets, one pocket to right or left. The pockets can have straight, diagonal or curve, and can be vertical. It may incorporate flaps to the folder so that it does not fall materials. These flaps can be added in the right side and / or left and also at the top, right and / or left.

There are some special folders: some have a window on the cover to arouse the curiosity of the recipients, others are back, to handle many pieces inside without losing form. In other cases there are folders with a tab of color (and often coated) to function as files. They are also very popular kits that include a presentation carries CDs and DVDs. Presented most common models, now listed guidelines for design kits and inserts with real success. Here we refer to as word inserts general to designate the different materials stored in a folder. De este modo Ud. Thus you not feel lost when they hire a graphic designer for the preparation of their kits and brochures. Then, take note:


At the top of a folder must be present corporate logo and company name. In general designers choose not to add contact information in the folder, since this may change if changes or modifications of a company. This approach is adopted to avoid having to reprint folders, which are expensive, if changes in a company. The contact information, as well as lists of goods, services, prices and offers, as well as the names of staff, must be submitted by the inserts, since it can easily reprint if there are changes.

In special cases where a company wants to invest in a single folder for a special event, a good option is to engage in "dialogue" between the folder and inserts. You can either mark a contrast between the two components, or establish a continuum graphic and / or textual between them.

The designers take into account the number of colors with to be printed a folder, so orderly development of its design. If it opts for white paper is an excellent choice full-color printing, as this folder is truly striking. In such a case it is imperative laminating paper, because otherwise the white paper was ruined in use. Another possibility cheapest and most elegant is to choose a single colour, more representative of the company. Often designers choose make folders in colored paper, as they have excellent quality and are very well with black printing. It is also common that the logo and the name of the company are set to cover with aluminum foil, gold or silver as it could get a folder of great sophistication. In all cases, the colors should always be in harmony with the identity of the company.


All artwork that is included in a folder must have a harmonious design with this. In addition, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, postcards, etc.., Must have a design consistent with each other. The principle of consistency and uniformity is essential for a presentation folder is truly elegant and give a professional image. Even though each piece may have distinctive features to be recognizable, must respect the line graphics generally given to a company: forms, images, colors, fonts, and others.

To maximize the diversity of material it is best that each has an insert different content. That is, each must emphasize one point: corporate philosophy, products, services and special offers, news, etc..

It is crucial that the text of the materials included in a folder is simple and interesting for the public to read pleasantly. In all inserts the verbal content must be clearly organized, in separate paragraphs or items, with titles and subtitles. For ease of reading is important to choose fonts high readability, especially classical, and also ensure that the colour of the words contrast with those funds.

Always be presented in each insert contact information. So, whatever piece that takes a customer or potential, may be available phone numbers, email address, website address, hours of operation, branches and all the data needed to establish relationship with a company. It is imperative to include contact information on the inserts, since they usually will not be in the folder (to avoid having to reprint in the event of changes in the company).

We recommend printing paper inserts illustration of # 100, with finishing or brilliant mate. This role is extremely attractive and elegant, besides being very resistant.

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