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Want to make known his company from a select audience? Do you want your actual and potential customers buy more products from your company? Then you needs to have leaflets designed by graphics experts. These booklets resistant, extremely durable and elegant are the promotional materials referred to consolidate corporate image and to increase the level of sales. Every growing company will benefit greatly by having leaflets quality, as these are synonymous with professionalism and business confidence.

As the word implies, a "wallet" is a pamphlet obtained by bending a sheet into two, namely, is a piece which has a total of four panels, two indoor and two outdoor. The most popular wallet is folded as a book and plays different roles: the principles of establishing a company to the public, promotes its products and services and can also act as a commercial kit. It is an excellent tool to bring customers all products offered by a company and for acer car to them the corporate principles.

With a properly designed diptych people will be identified and desired feel that the company is truly serious and real. You will find all the information about the company for business relationship with it: products, services, securities, facilities, means of production, human resources and contact details (address, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail address, etc.). The conventional measure of a diptych is a sheet of letter: brochure open measured 8.5''x 11''and each of its four panels, 5.5''x 8.5''x 4.25''or''11. To provoke greater visual impact is often carried out leaflets large, the size of a double sheet letter open measures 11''x 17'', and its panels, 8.5''x 11''. Moreover, these leaflets have four faces, although sometimes the folds to get eight.

Within the diptychs is possible to distinguish two special cases: those that serve as leaflets and brochures that are used as presentation folders. In both cases, diptychs exceed the basic function of a promotional brochure. On the one hand, since catalogs are expensive pieces by its large number of pages, an excellent option for small and medium enterprises is to carry out leaflets as catalogues accessible. Thus, on four sides is possible to submit the list of products and services offered, their descriptions, prices, discounts and images.

Moreover, within the diptychs include special presentation folders, pieces of cardboard or paperboard, large, resilient and fitted with internal pockets to store all kinds of roles. The role of these folders is present in an orderly and elegant "inserts" (loose-leaf), brochures (flyers, diptychs and triptychs common) and business cards, business major events. The kits, spare very much in demand to increase the professional image of a company is a separate chapter encountered in making the design, as they have specific characteristics: lapels, loins, pockets, slots and others.

You can not believe it makes sense to invest time and money on brochures when we live in a world of virtual communications. This is exactly the opposite, since it is precisely for this reason that the leaflets remain significant. Faced relations fast and abstract the public appreciates perhaps more than before the printed material, because he considers it a sign of real presence by a company. The leaflets, with his book format, invite reading and are pieces that people consult each time they wish to contact a company to buy products, services or hiring consultations. With a design and printing quality as well as with a resistant paper, a diptych be kept in the office, in the briefcase or in the home of customers.

To ensure that the design made by the experts is truly a success, we must not neglect the impression or the type of paper used for diptychs. Of these factors depends on these leaflets are in the hands of recipients. A leaflet poorly designed and poor quality of printing will be immediately discarded as junk. The papers that are used to print leaflets are paper or cardboard figure of 80 or # 100 #, with completion shiny or matte and sometimes rolled. This is so because it is attractive roles and very resistant to use. In general these leaflets are not made in large quantities because they are relatively expensive. Should have a circulation of leaflets medium or small, but excellent quality, for distribution in commercial presentations, exhibitors and by mail, namely to deliver a carefully selected audience. Do not lose sight that for diptychs are infallible is absolutely necessary advice from experienced graphic designers. Thus, brochures represent all the seriousness and professionalism of a company.

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